Newly added page disappears from header when opened

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    I’ve added a new page: Contact. It appears in the header at first, but when I open it, “Contact” appears in the message and disappears from the header.

    The blog I need help with is



    it is because WP is crap


    I’ve had the same problem. Sometimes it appears in the header and sometimes not.



    Without the link to your blog, mntwinsmusings, we can’t help you.

    ellenrobertsyoung, what browser are you using? With FF I see the contact detail in the page.


    Just as the problem mysteriously appeared, it has mysteriously apparently been corrected. The new page now shows where it belongs.

    My blog link is in case the problem returns.



    All these people having page problems makes me think that there is some tinkering going on behind the scenes.

    @ellenrobertsyoung I can see your contact page, but rather than list your email address, which is a delight to spambot email harvesters, why not use the Contact form instead?


    @justjennifer – thank you! I couldn’t find the information on a contact form.



    You are most welcome! Just FYI-the link to the Support docs appears at the top of every page in the forum and the search box there is quite good. :)

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