News ite probs creating headers and site duplication

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    Hello, I set up a site one time – alogonquinclub – but deleted it a little while ago but I notice it still comes up when I accidentally use the old log in and not the new one for the new site.
    I am having trouble with the new site as I can’t change the headers.
    And I am frustrated to try to find how to add content to the HOME page although I think I just create a new blog.
    I want to delete ALL sites in my name and start again if possible. OR something easier perhaps.
    Hmmm…I don’t think this will be a satisfactory way to get my answers and fear more time wasting will be involved.
    Kind Regards
    Peter Williamson

    The blog I need help with is



    It’d be easier to answer your questions if you would ask one. There isn’t one question in your entire post. exists but is empty. It’s a valuable URL and I think you should set it to Private rather than delete it if that is the one you’re talking about.

    When you say “the new site” what URL are you talking about? The one linked in your signature has no posts. Make a post and the error message will disappear.

    Start here with how to do that:

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