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    Fantastic Vod:Pod now permits users from to DISPLAY embedded pdfs in an interactive iPaper format in a post on a blog. This has been possible since the 19. February 2008 when the amazing company Scribd launched iPaper from it’s site. This brilliant Vod:Pod embed method also works for other types of documents if uploaded via Scribd’s formidable homepage. One of the these new possibilities is iFrame. Yes you got it right: we can now embed iFrames on This WodPod/Scribd combination is a new feature with a giant wow effect!

    This is what a pdf file embedded as an iPaper in a post looks like*:

    The embed came from Scribd:

    This is what to do:

    1. Have Vod:Pod’s Beta Button installed. Otherwise embedding is not possible
    2. Go to the site called Scribd and upload the document from the internet or your pc
    3. When uploaded you can choose to change the values for width and height at Scribds homepage so that the embed fit your blog
    4. Wait for the little word “Done” – the animated green line stays active. Click “View document”. Click the “Advanced” option on Scribds homepage right beside your new upload
    5. Click the Vod:Pod button and click “Publish” in the Vod:Pod window that just opened
    6. Done!

    To do more editing after publishing on your own blog:

    7. Click the code tab in rich editing to re-size the Scribd embed – change the values for width and height written in the middle of the code text
    8. To remove the commercial links that sometimes appear: in edit you can click on the commercial links so that they get marked as inserted pictures would do. Cut the links out. They can’t be deleted letter by letter or by highlighting (block marking + delete)
    9. Publish again

    If your blog readers want to choose what text size to have displayed there are 3 ways:

    10. Use the little icon in the top right corner of the embed to view the iPaper in full screen mode
    11. Use the drop down slider feature in the embedded iPaper’s toolbar beside the magnifying glass icon
    12. Deactivate the document by clicking somewhere on the blog outside the iPaper embed. Then hold the “Ctrl” key down and at the same time push the wheel on your mouse away from yourself. Reverse to get back to normal text size.

    * The embedded iPaper in the blog post linked to above is the full candidate list for all parties in the Danish national election a few month ago. It is just an example.

    Tip: the FAQs at Scribd have a lot to offer!


    Note: Scribd still have minor problems with the new system and we get a few error messages here and there. But is these issues should be solved in a few days.



    I’ve never even used VodPod but it seems to do so many things. What are some of the ways you see using these latest capabilities?


    There are free comic books on the internet. And other cartoons. Also manuals and guidelines for pc/it stuff could be embedded in an iPaper or iFrame. The text would be nicely compressed when you scroll by to get an overview and when you need to read, you have two pages at the same time on the screen i a big iPaper. Detailed maps and pictures can also be iPapered for easy view and scroll. And photo look-alike “slideshows” can be full screen.

    You can embed a whole book or report en just one small post.

    Vod:Pod also enables you to embed tons of videos that are not on WordPress regular positive lists from all sorts of websites. As long as there is an embed url you can get it on your blog.



    Thanks. I was aware of its ability to let us use a lot of video formats, but the iPaper and iFrame seem to add a lot of functionality, especially with regard to images. I’d love to see more examples when you add them to your blog!


    Just a service for all: you can download the Vod:Pod Beta button here:



    Thanks Universalgeni for the tip. I tried to do everything as it was explained in your article, to install a cbox from this site :

    It contains iframe. It doesn’t work, I can’t install it. Can someone help me ? Thanks.


    No, I don’t think so. If I’m not mistaken cbox is to be embedded in the template/theme itself. And that is only possible on self hosted blogs or on


    By the way: you could submit a feedback to staff with a request for a widget with some form of a shout box in it. It is a feature that a lot of us could have fun with.



    I’ve had a vodpod for a while now. How do I know if it’s the beta version or not? Anyone know?


    It is not about the widget. It is about a new Vod:Pod feature – this button that you are to install. It will appear in your toolbar. This means that the button will still be t5here even when you are on WordPress’s sites. It is the second down load option on this site:

    If you have never seen this page before or you can’t see the VodPod button in your IE or Firefox toolbar – you do not have it. :-D)))


    Sorry that was rubbish. Correction: This means that the button will still be there even when you are NOT on WordPress’s sites.



    I have made a test with a rss widget of and works fine. Thanks.


    The sites docstoc and issue also works as embeds in a blog post but only if you use Firefox.

    IE won’t work. The Wod:Pod button will only take the embed link as a copy/paste but even though it is possible to get a preview of the embed – the “Publish” button stays inactive. But Firefox can publish the embeds for you via VodPod’s button.

    The site pdfmenot works like a charm in IE.


    The embeds from “issuu” is the winner. They come as flip magazines with full screen features. Full screen features do not work for Scribd, pdfmenot and docstoc.

    But issuu delivers!


    @ butindaro: your widget is sitting in a post? What we need to figure out is how to get downloaded widgets into a widget. Live clocks and live RSS feeds can only embed in posts for the moment. Unless of cause the widgets in questions appear as regular widgets or on their positive list…



    Hi Universalgeni. Thanks for your answer. I’ll try to ask to WordPress, but I don’t think they will create a chat widget. ;)



    How did you do that butindao? Did yoy just copy/paste the Vod:Pod embed code from a post or did you write some extra code yourself?



    I have go to this site and I have make my RSS widget, I have adjusted the size 430×300, I have copied my url category feed than I have copied the code to embed in the post. I have not write any extra code.


    I found out that Adobe Share also display embeds on blogs via the Vod:Pod system. This link should bee added to the list in my comment above:

    Adobe Share offers no features. You get an unreadable but flip-able miniature embed that when clicked takes you to the Adobe Share homepage. Only then you can read the document.

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