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News of the month: embed iFrames and iPapers on

  1. Yeah, something is b0rked either at vodpod, or at, or both.

  2. I would agree....

  3. I was going to write up a review and how to on vodpod and using it to insert videos and other things (which are now not allowed), but at the moment, the review would only be four words: It does not work.

  4. It's a shame, because my VodPod videos were of very high quality when I posted them !!

  5. Looks like vodpod has a problem they are working on.

  6. Hi all -- we do seem to have a general problem with vodpod-enabled embeds today. Sorry for the inconvenience, we're looking into this now and will post as soon as we determine the problem.

  7. Hi all -- problem fixed, video embeds should work just fine. Sorry for the inconvenience, a little gremlin in the system over the weekend.

  8. Thanks for that info, epigonic. BTW: Is there a standard way to suggest features to you guys?

  9. Bloody hell. I should make sure to read the *entire* thread before posting!

  10. Hi epigonic,

    But VodPod still gives a message that uploading video has been disabled for now. What's up with that??

  11. This taught me a lesson. I shan't share methods like this an other time. When I find new features I will keep them to myself. WordPress will ruin it if it is shared in Forum.

  12. I would like to have this thread closed please? It's a complete waste of time by now.

  13. Is this limited to users or have WordPress managed to make Vod:Pod stop support for support for other embeds for the rest of their users? Can bloggers outside still embed their text documents via VodPod?

  14. With a self-hosted blog, there are no limitations on javascript, iframes, forms or flash, so the button is not needed.

  15. Even the stuff can be embedded without any problem.

  16. Thank you, thesacredpath. Then it is just us. I will never publish things like this in a thread again. Promise!


  17. (I still hope that the use of the button has not been limited for other users.)

  18. I don't think vodpod would make the change across the board, only if asked by the blogging services.

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