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News page and menu problems

  1. I've set my landing page to be a static page, which works fine. I've called it 'home'. Problem is that now my blog posts aren't visible. I've renamed them 'news'.

    When I look at the 'menu structure' all the 4 pages and News section are there. However when I look at the website the News section is not there. Not sure why this should be. I know the data is still there, as if I click on Posts in dashboard they've not gone.

    Can anyone help, please?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. On the Settings->General page, you've set your static page to be the landing page, but what did you delegate as the Posts page?

  3. Raincoaster means Settings > Reading.
    a) Did you create a page in Pages > Add New, title it "News", and set it as your posts page in Settings > Reading?
    b) Assuming you've done that, you need to correct your custom menu, because at the moment it's the News tab that links to your blog front (the Home tab links to your welcome page itself). Go to Appearance > Menus, delete the Home and News items you have added, open the Pages module, click View All, select Home:Home and News, click Add to menu, drag to change their order, save.

  4. Thanks. The posts page in settings, reading, doesn't give me the option of using news. It simply doesn't show it in the drop down list.

  5. Anyway I've removed News and Home from the Menu.

    However when I go to Pages it doesn't say view all, so maybe I'm in the wrong place. It does list all the pages but News isn't there. I think this is the wrong place actually as there's not an option of changing order, although I know I've seen that elsewhere.

  6. Please read my previous reply more carefully: #a says you must first create a page in Pages > Add New and title it "News"; #b says open the Pages module in Appearance > Menus.

  7. Thank you - you're right - it does, and very helpful it was too! Now solved - many thanks! :-)

  8. You're welcome.
    Note that one doesn't expect the posts page to open in a new browser window.

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