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News searches as RSS feeds?

  1. c2designkitchen

    If I want to search yahoo news (or similar) for "power OR coal OR utilities" and put the results into a feed for my blog, how do I do that? here is a perfect news search that I designed;;_ylt=A0WTTkpuugJIvxUARxXQtDMD;_ylu=X3oDMTA3MTBsZGZsBHNlYwNhZG0-?ei=UTF-8&_bcrumb=768f820b5ee909d0615d28316a19ecd3%2C1208138227&va=&va_vt=any&vp=&vp_vt=any&vo=electricity+energy+power+plant+emissions+EIX+EPA&vo_vt=any&ve=&ve_vt=any&datesort=&pub=&timeago=&smonth=3&sday=14&emonth=4&eday=13&source=&location=&catfilt=1&cat=headlines&cat=politics&cat=business&cat=crime&cat=health&cat=science&cat=technology&fl=0&n=100&eo=UTF-8

    How do I put it on my blog ?

    I am a total noob and I don't understand aggregators or anything like that. I've been blogging for 3 days and I love it!

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