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    Hi there,

    How can I add newsletter subscription form to my blog.

    Additionally, how can I add social bookmarking sites plugins such as,, Technorati, Stumpble upon etc.




    I have to ask. Everyone of your posts have been covered many times in the past. Are you having problems with the search bar and searching the forums? We don’t mind answering questions but considering that you look like you’re going to be blogging about IT, I would think you wouldn’t have an issue with using the tools provided to you already. If there’s an issue, we would like to know what problems you are having. Of with reviewing the FAQs.

    Forms are stripped from all user content due to security concerns.

    Technorati is already pinged when you post. At least when Technorati is working correctly.

    The other sites:

    Hope this helps,

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