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    Hi all!

    I use to collect RSS feeds from specific web sites and I’d be happy to create a blog in which I can automatically publish all the articles related to a specific topic (let’s say “social networking”) via their feed RSS. Is that possible now? Do you plan to allow this in the future?

    This is an example of what I would like to do:

    Thank you very much!



    There are plugins that will allow you to publish the feeds of other blogs like the one that you mention but that is not something that is currently supported with what we have here at You’re best bet is to run a WP blog with a paid host and look into the plug ins.



    “to collect RSS feeds from specific web sites …. create a blog in which I can automatically publish all the articles …. via their feed RSS.”




    That marketing splog’s not doing anything I can’t do for myself by subscribing to feeds in Bloglines or watching relevant Technorati tags. In other words, you’re wasting your time. Try writing some content of your own instead.



    Sheesh wank I can’t believe you said what I was just thinking for three reasons.
    (1) I’m such a newbie that I’m insecure about sharing what I think I’ve learned in the course of just 6 weeks.
    (2) I have a bloglines account that I do not blog in at all – I use it simply for the purpose described above.
    (3) I’m bummed out about the fact that google only picks up the content that can be described as “in the news”, or in other words, content that’s already been reported by everyone else in the blogosphere. I’m so sick of reading repititious content [she sniped].
    The best stuff I’ve ever written simply isn’t picked up by the spiders and probably never will be.:(
    Now as far as writing content goes when I finally comprehend something like RSS feeds I blog about it . If nothing else I suppose I can leave a legacy behind for newbie bloggers like myself.

    I’ve got the technorati tag thing worked out. I write an article and get the tags for it without any difficulty. However, I can’t make the same claim about I have an account and I imported my bookmarks into it. I have the buttons on my toolbar but I can’t find a single step by step article on how to use The blurb on their own website just doesn’t cut it for a newbie like me [she whined].So if you’ve got a straight to the point step by step how to use article you can point me to please share it, okay? :D



    I can actually see where such a thing could be used for “good” if you can call it that. I have a client who imports blogs written by bloggers in specific communities. He does it for say Washington, London, etc.



    Reply to Wank

    The newsmastering thing has nothing to do with splogging. Think about Google News and what it does: you just publish headlines and you link back to the original sources. It can be a very useful service, especially for people who cannot spend the whole day
    browsing their bloglines account to look for information that they might be interested in.

    It is a legal and efficient way to provide content, as when you use tools like MySyndicaat you MANUALLY select the articles that YOU consider important and you publish them. So it’s not an automatic feed aggregator that does the job for you. There is human work behind it.

    I already write my own content on several websites, i get paid and I’m happy with that :) Is it so hard to believe that I would do that for my exclusive pleasure?

    Google the word “newsmaster” and you will understand what I really would like to do.

    Also, I suggest you to take a look at this article

    Btw, thanks to all the people who answered to me :D

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