Newstack pingbacks are going into Spam

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    I don’t know whether this merits a separate thread but I checked and there was nothing about Newstack in the forum. I got several pingbacks from Newstack but they all went into spam. Surely Newstack cannot be a spam site?
    I have made mistakes in the past by marking spam comments as legitimate because I wasn’t aware of where the link led to. I learnt, and now check before I de-spam. Newstack seems legit to me and therefore I have de-spammed the Newstack pingbacks. Did I do the right thing?



    Can you give a URL for Newstack so that we can look and give more accurate information?

    These type of things will often get marked as spam if they are pulling content from many sites.

    Certainly it wasn’t the wrong thing to do, you can always mark it as spam again later.

    If you start to see lots (20+) of pingbacks then I would be a little concerned that they are farming your content. There has been a couple of instances of this recently but I can’t remember the sites right now.




    Thanks for responding Collin.

    I have had four pingbacks from Newstack in the last couple of hours. I am giving two of the urls here:

    Another is:

    I have also got Newstack in my Referrers column several times.

    They don’t have their own content. Does this make them a spam site?



    I’ve got two more pingbacks from them! And then I went to Technorati to check them out and guess what I got?

    First this:

    …6 days ago in Newstack by kevin21 • 10 blogs link here
    and then when I clicked on the Newstack link I got

    There are blogs, and then there’s whatever you just typed in. If it’s a blog, we don’t know about it. Maybe you made a typo. Or maybe it’s a blog that doesn’t exist. Maybe you don’t exist. (In which case, please ignore this.)”

    Now, isn’t that strange? I had no idea that Technorati used such language!

    What do you all think?



    It looks as sploggy as they get to me.

    Easiest way to find out – check if the owners of these posts are happy about the ads around their work:



    The technorati thing is just supposed to be humorous. ;)

    Having looked at the site I would (*I* would) mark them as spam.

    The site is essentially just pulling content from other sites and posting it on their own blog. There has been conversation about other sites doing this but I can’t remember (or find them).

    Perhaps one of the other volunteers can give more information.






    Thanks on both counts Mark. :)

    Nita – As Mark mentions Bitacle is the other Sploggy (spam bloggy) one that I was trying to think of.

    The newstack site isn’t even well formatted, the ads sit over the main content in IE…



    Thanks guys. Colin. Mark. I am going to delete all those pingbacks. I don’t like sploggies.
    Technorati sure works fast because I went back to the site and the link is gone!
    Thanks again for such a quick response.



    Hello everybody, I am the initiator of Newstack, I’ve found this thread in my referer stats and read it carefully.

    I have no idea about all this blog and SEO things and I am trying to figure out how all this is working.

    Newstack is one of those – it’s basically a copy of google blogsearch for a number of keywords, I am giving real backlinks to all the post sites I list on my one.

    That’s what I do on newstack.

    I didnt know that my wordpress blog would write this trackback comments to all original blogs once I post a link on my site.

    I hope this is not negative for you, if yes, I am open to learn and discuss :)




    “I have no idea about all this blog and SEO things and I am trying to figure out how all this is working.”
    but I got money-making adsense around your blog posts alright

    “I am giving real backlinks to all the post sites I list on my one.”
    which amounts to diddlysquat

    “I didnt know that my wordpress blog would write this trackback comments to all original blogs once I post a link on my site.”
    ****** I’ve been found out.



    I’ve got two Newstacks today. I checked out the IP and it informs me of Ripe Networks, Amsterdam. Frankly, this stealth blogger who does not identify him/herself on this “looks-like-a-blog-but-isn’t” is simply stealing content to get Adsense dollars. This is copyright infringement. Stealing a post about my mother’s recent death was the lowest of the lowest. Glad you are on top of it Mark. Do your magic.



    YAY! Mark.
    BOO! to blog scrapers, click sploggers, and pay for post bloggers and forum spammers.




    What you are doing is considered spam by the online community.

    And, honestly, if you have to be told that…



    In the space of a few hours my Technorati rankings slipped by 50,000! I guess they deleted all the sploggies from the links to my blog.
    What makes me sad is that just sploggies were connecting to me. I somehow never get into the top posts even though I write original stuff.
    I really wish WordPress had another Top Posts where just hits didn’t matter. They could go by content, originality, usefulness etc. I mean…hey, Britney’s crotch?? I never clicked on any of those posts.
    Then if I lost out to superior blog because of content I could take it. I respect all blogs which are better than mine.
    But I guess that it would be an impossible work load for WordPress. Perhaps they can do it once a month? Put in place a system whereby the best blog post in terms of content and originality gets to be first? In the long run it will be good for WordPress because the good blogs will get more exposure. In the long run ofcourse this does happen automatically…but I am talking of the short run.



    Perhaps you would be interested in reading this.



    I read that TT. Interesting. But still based on popularity, not actual content. Content may be there, but again, it might not be. Like one member suggested, a good post can be one which has never been read at all. Or been read by a few people only.
    But never mind me. I guess I know I will never figure in this one too, however random it is. Unless ofcourse I become famous or something. Which doesn’t seem likely at the moment though I am working hard at a novel!
    Slow and steady (sigh) is the only way up for me. Just got to stick on and build the content. :)



    Maybe I can do at least one good thing – I put a constant link to your blog above my categories. I really respect you, nice blog



    newstack – the one good thing you can do is shut your site.

    Oh well…. back to do yet another 50+ clicks. I do like clicking on those ads – it’s so much fun I just have to keep doing it and doing it and doing it….. that is the point isn’t it? Lots of clicks? The same IP won’t matter will it?




    On garbage sites that run adsense, there is a small line that says “Ads by Goooooooogle”
    Click it.
    Look at the bottom middle of that page
    “Send Google your thoughts on the ads you just saw”

    Click that.
    Choose a subject
    Advise Google of what you think.

    It’s worth a go and only takes a moment.

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