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    I use the Newsworthy theme on my blog and noticed that if the text is in italics and alignment is set to ‘justify’, a part of the text is cut-off at the right-hand margin of the post

    Screenshot here

    See my post as an example:

    The blog I need help with is


    This is due to a combination of factors:

    1. The italicized text is aligned “justified” meaning the end of each line is always at the right side of the parent container.
    2. Most web browsers align italicized text based on where the “bottom” of the letter is, not the actual right side of the italicized letter.
    3. The theme you’re using has 0 padding on the <p> tag, which means the letter is trying to extend outside it’s box.

    Generally, it’s not recommended to Justify text on the web, as it creates visual “rivers” that break up the text irregularly. It’s also generally not recommended to italicize large blocks of text, as that can be difficult to read (though I do realize you might have done that in this example for explanation purposes).



    Generally, it’s not recommended to Justify text on the web, as it creates visual “rivers” that break up the text irregularly.

    Amen to that. I’m visually challenged and justified text destroys readability.


    Yep, thanks folks.

    I understand that justified text is not the perfect way to write large swathes of text but I’ve been used to it for a while now and I do check it out how it affects the readability & the paragraph spacing etc of the text (one line might have just the four words with large spacing in between, for example)

    However, my intention was to point out the (i’d not rather say fault) anomaly in the theme – even if text is not justified and the last letter happens to be italicised, it would be cut-off slightly at the top, more noticeable in letters such as r or p or t

    I’m not pushing for an immediate resolution or a demanding for this to be fixed asap. But just like the post on the date format for Newsworthy theme, it is an information to the WP theme wranglers out here.


    Thanks for pointing it out, but, since it’s sort of an edge case (the chances that a line that of non-justified text ending exactly at the end of the block, *and* the particular word being italicized are fairly small), I’m not sure anything will be done about it. (Then again, I’m just a volunteer here, and not anyone who makes these decisions.)

    If you want to avoid it, since you use justified text, you could add a small amount of padding (just a couple of pixels) to the right side of the container.

    Something to keep in mind, though, with justified text (as with anything on the web), what looks readable to you might render differently for other people viewing your site. They may change the size of the font in their browser, or they may use a different browser which renders the type slightly wider or narrower than your browser does.

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