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    I like the look of the Newsworthy theme, and would like to use it. However, the date format on the posts shows mm/dd/yy, when I would like it to show DD/MM/YY. The theme does not appear to be affected by the date format I have set up in Settings.

    Does anyone know whether the date format can be changed on this theme?



    As you have tried and failed to chnage the formatting here > Setting > General you must purchase an annually renewable custom design upgrade for each blog and do the required CSS editing to achieve that.


    Is the color scheme shown in the demo the only color? I ask because I currently use “modern news” and I dont remember it saying there were other colors, but there were. Before I switch themes (and possibly lose my layout) I’m curious. I’m fond of orange.



    Is the color scheme shown in the demo the only color?

    Correct, Newsworthy has one default color scheme which is the one in the demo. Changes to the colors in this theme requires the Custom Design upgrade noted above.


    You can change the colors. Go to Appearance/Customize



    Sure, but you can’t SAVE the changes without the upgrade.


    I applied the Newsworthy theme yesterday & just noticed that the post date showd mm.dd.yyyy

    Changed the date settings in the admin panel but that didn’t change the post date display, and hence headed over here to look for a solution.

    And there seems to be none. At least, no *free* solution!



    Hi @ychittaranjan, this is a bug in the code of the Newsworthy theme. We’re aware of the issue and it’s on our Theme team’s to-do list. We will post back here when it has been fixed.




    I see that you have changed themes. Regarding Newsworthy, thank you for reporting the issue. Unfortunately this is a theme feature. Let us know if you have any other questions. Thanks!



    i just want to be sure that i got it right. The date mm.dd.yyyy is a theme feature?



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