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  1. margaretrosestringer

    I'd be pleased to understand why, when I go to my trial site and attempt to open Newsy, it offers to have me buy it.
    I bought it months ago.
    Is it because I'm only allowed to work with it within my active site?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi, I am new to this so I can't help, tried to look at your blog, but it is private, I did not even know that was an option. Sorry, did not mean to try to snoop :)

  3. margaretrosestringer

    That's because it's not a site for anything but experimentation, Deirdre: it will never be made public as it's nearly always in a state of chaos.

  4. margaretrosestringer

    Doe any staff actually monitor this forum???

  5. Premium theme purchases are per blog. So as long as you are using the same blog you purchased the theme for before, you should be able to switch it.

  6. margaretrosestringer

    Yeah, that's what I thought, Cheri ... But at that time I was using Retro-Fitted on the main blog, so there can have been no conflict.
    Never mind: I've abandoned all that as of yesterday.
    Searching for a clean, uncluttered look I came up with Chunk. Doesn't meet all my criteria, but no theme ever does.
    Idea ! - we submit our desired criteria and the brainiacs come up with a theme to match, cherry-picking from all the existings.
    Good, eh? [grin] Only kidding, m'dear !

  7. :) Well, I very much like to catalog theme requests, but usually they are already existing themes someone has found and likes and suggests as a theme for too. Of course, if you wanted a completely customized design, that's what the Custom CSS optional upgrade is for… or a site designer even—which would be worth it if you were very, very particular about exactly what you want in a design.

  8. margaretrosestringer

    Yes ... occasionally, when my aging bonce is behaving more erratically than usual, I give some thought to that ... And then I hit myself sharply on the head and remind myself about living on the age pension. Sighh ... but it remains a beautiful dream (in case I ever win the lottery).

  9. margaretrosestringer

    I should said: I already have Custom Design - I was referring to a site design ...

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