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    ‘Morning, Rich! – well it is Downunder. REALLY morning. :-\
    This is probably a ridiculous thing to ask, and if so I apologise for asking it …
    The Newsy blockquotes are pathetic. They might as well not exist.
    Is there any way of jazzing ’em up?
    The blockquotes in Retro-Fitted are great – well, they are with your help.
    It’s always the way: no one theme has all the things I like … Sighh …

    The blog I need help with is


    I feel ya. I’m on Ambiru theme and the blockquotes aren’t fantastic either. I just make do with whatever I’ve been dealt with.

    If buying a customisation upgrade isn’t for you (like me too), my simplest routine is just to set the blockquote in some colour. Maybe add in some fount attributes like boldface or italic to some words.

    Other than that, we’re sort of limited by what the design theme gives us. No free theme will ever give us what we want completely because, I suppose, our hosters do want to make some money off of us from the premium themes and customisation upgrades.

    Hope this helps.



    margaretrosestringer is looking for a CSS editing solution (not an opinion and not chat) and you did not provide a CSS editing solution. Please start clicking the member link under the usernames in threads like these before you start tying anything at all. See here and know what you posted was not helpful.


    Margaret, here is something to start with for “jazzing” the blockquotes up on Newsy.

    Caution: obnoxious colors ahead! :)

    blockquote {
        color: #cc0000;
        background: #00cc00;
        padding: 15px;
        border: 2px solid #000000;
        border-radius: 5px;
        box-shadow: 3px 3px 7px #555;

    I’m sorry if I’ve misread the OP’s message looking for a CSS solution. In any case, I offer that as a non-CSS solution for the OP’s consideration.


    @thenakedlistener, no problems at all and all input is good input.


    @staff, timethief: Nah, it’s okay, no hard feelings taken my end.


    That’s kind of you, and surprising, too! :-) I’m not used to having input from mere mortals like myself, and I thank you.
    You’re appreciated, too, for looking after me! ;-) Just think: most of the time you have to watch out for horrible things I might say! [grin]
    Few words will cover this wondrous design of yours, Rich … I laughed like anything at the obnxiousness of your colors, being well aware that you always choose such for the purposes of making your changes evident.
    The best thing about your suggestion is that I now see how it’s done, which is something I can keep for any similar need.
    Btw: going back to Newsy has meant my resurrecting tons of help from you; but I did work out for myself how to fill all the white space with that nice background. A-ma-zing! :-D
    Thank-you. If only the Translator included Hawaiian …


    Rich, I forgot one small thing, relevant to your post but not to the topic.
    You only get one chance to address me as ‘Margaret’: a second instance of that sees you laid out on the floor, stone dead. [grin]
    Another minute of your time …? When I was a kid, the only time anyone ever called me that was when I was in deep shit and about to be made to walk the plank.
    Hence ‘M.R.’, as most people find ‘Margaret Rose’ too much of a mouthful.


    M.R. it is then. I surely don’t want to be laid out on the floor, stone dead. :)


    Nor do I want it: what in the name of all the gods would I dooo?



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