Newsy: can't change font sizes

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    What is causing me great confusion is that in the dashboard/working page, all changes show once they’re made.
    It’s only on the … ahh … REAL page that they won’t.
    Does anyone know anything about Newsy that I’m missing, please?

    The blog I need help with is


    Good grief! – turns out that the size changes I was trying to make were TOO SMALL TO REGISTER!
    Ain’t nevah experienced that before.
    One lives and learns, even at my age.


    The interwebz is a fickle place, isn’t it? Glad you got this sorted though.


    New Post on my site has very small font. Indeed the whole blog font size appears to have shrunk.


    Recently upgraded Mac software to 10.9.1. There hasn’t been any change in font sizes displayed elsewhere.
    John W



    This is a CSS editing thread for the Newsy theme.
    You don’t appear to have a CSS upgrade on that blog and you are using a different theme. Here is a link to use to create your own thread in the Support Forum for your Mistylook question

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