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    There’s a post headed “Have you bean sent good wishes?”, under which appears – well, a bean! :-)
    I would like to remove the border from this one image, but can’t.
    I tried the simple inserting a zero into Advanced – didn’t work.
    So then I tried adding
    to the html, and that didn’t work, either.
    I want to remove it because some moronic thing I did in creating the shadow enlarged the image falsely; and you can see that the border surrounds an odd-shaped space.
    OTY, brainiacs. With anticipatory thanks.

    The blog I need help with is


    #post-2291 img {
    border: 0 none !important;
    box-shadow: none;

    Damn and blast! – I did it again with the not checking.
    Sighh … I thought it was ingrained; but no, not me.
    Thank you very much: I didn’t realise that the !important; can be applied to all CSS, not just font commands.


    I did! – I knew it perfectly well, through tsp’s having used it for the slideshow borders.
    I simply forgot.



    The “!important” tag isn’t the solution to everything: it is used when there is some other CSS that normally overrides yours. In the case of the slideshow it is required because the slideshow CSS loads after your custom CSS. In this case it’s required because the original CSS of the theme (which loads before your custom CSS) already includes “!important” for image borders. That’s also the one reason why style=”border:none;” in the Text editor wasn’t enough (the other reason being that the image frame on Newsy isn’t just a border, it’s border plus shadow effect).

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