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Newsy header: want to increase below title

  1. I can increase (and have done) the space above the title.
    But when I do the same for underneath it, all it does is push the whole page down.
    I like this patterned banner: but I would like it better if I knew how to enlarge is both above AND below.
    Is there a way, please?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Give this a try:

    #site-description {
    	margin-bottom: 58px;

    Adjust the number as needed.

  3. Aha! - poifick!
    Thanks so much, designsimply!
    I must've used the wrong thing to expand the upper part, but it did work, so I'll leave it.
    Yours is so much more simple. Oh! - that must be why you have that nick. [grin]

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