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    For when you get back, please, Rich …

    I’ve totally stuffed the sub-menus by attempting to make the rectangles fit more neatly around the text. Now I dunno what the original code was.
    When you see what they look like you’ll piss yerself laughing – but it’s better than it was before I discovered what I’d done. :-(
    Looking forward to your return !

    The blog I need help with is


    If you want to step back through CSS revisions to see history, go to Appearance > Customize > CSS and click the “CSS Revisions” link at the top right of the slide-out panel.


    Done that. Was overwhelmed by the amount of revisions I’ve done, Cheri. When I actually look at all the themes I’ve tried in my search for the perfect one, it’s no wonder those who read my blog poke fun at me. All I need add is “Poor Rich !” … :-(
    But you’re right: I must screw my courage to the sticking place (or is that point ?) and just … do it.


    Revisions are good in my opinion :) especially if it means you’re learning.


    I just … did it. [gasp !]
    Many thanks for twisting my arm, Cheri !!!

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