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Next & Previous Post Buttons within an entry? How do i do this?

  1. How do i add Next & Previous Post buttons within each entry? For example.. If a user clicks on a category and they get an archive of posts.. Once the user clicks on one of the posts, i'd like for them to be able to navigate throughout the rest of the posts within that category w/ next and previous buttons instead of having to go back to the home category archive page each time....

    any help on this would be greattttt!



  2. Please give us the URL of your blog, and whether or not you have purchased the CSS upgrade. Also, do you want "next post" or "next post in that category" links, because those are going to be different. Can't do anything until we get those.

  3. groovy.. heres the url to my blog still in development of course..

    Next post in that category links would be ideal and first priority..

    thx RainC..

  4. Okay, that's not a blog but an independent one, so you've got a lot more options. The bad news is, you'll have to get them from, since we aren't able to do that level of tinkering with our blogs here. Differences outlined in this thread:

  5. thanks for this info, heading over there now to post...

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