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    My searching has informed me that I’d have to insert them manually, but no where can I find out how to insert links to go to the previous page. If I manually create a table of contents page, it’d be nice if a reader can quickly return to it rather than start over.

    The blog I need help with is


    You have to figure out what post is on the previous page and then use the permalink for that post for the previous link. Then when you write another post, you will have to edit that now previous post and add a “next” link to the new post you just published. You will have to do that each time you create a new post.


    Previous/next links and link back to a contents page are two different things. The first means adding two links at the bottom of each post: to the previous post & to the next post (and I don’t think that’s what you’re looking for). The second means adding a link to the contents page at the bottom of each post. Is that what you want?

    The other thing you can do (to avoid editing all your posts) is simply make the linking titles in the contents page open in a new window, so that a visitor doesn’t leave the contents page at all.



    You mean that there is no cute little code I can use to invoke the browser’s “back” function. This page:

    seems to imply that there’s an HTML function to do this, but I can’t make any sense of it.


    It would require javascript or something like that to take control of the users browser and that is not allowed.


    By the way, ASP is not HTML it is a scripting language.


    You can put a “back to index” link at the bottom of the posts. It would simply be a text link to the index page.



    Thanks guys. I’m just trying to pick up some know how. It’s hard to get a vision for what to do without first getting an idea of what’s possible. As far as the TOC thing is concerned, I just thought that having a way back to it from within the post would be cool. It’s amazing how often I forget about the “back” button on my browser. But Panos’ solution of opening the post in a new window makes far more sense than re-editing all those posts.

    Thanks again.

    BTW, can either of you point me to a “how to” on revealing / hiding a block of links when the header for them is clicked? You know, have just the “chapter titles” show at first, and revealing / hiding the posts in a chapter when it’s title is clicked? I saw this somewhere…




    oh…nevermind, now I know what you’re going for lol I thnk the answer for you latest question is that it’s not possible…but I wasn’t asked and pano and tsp know how to do all that special html stuff :)



    Thanks. I know I’ve seen this… And it wasn’t that big of a deal! I’ll just have to root around thru all those bookmarks I set… I just got bored and decided to explore the whole “read like a book” idea again.

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