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Next Saturday and Esquire issues

  1. Next Saturday:
    No previous/next navigation arrows on category and other archive pages.

    a) The quick specs in the Theme Showcase mention a full-width layout, but I'm not seeing Theme Options or Page templates. What am I missing?
    b) The post/page editor includes the Featured image module, but featured images seem to produce no result. Again, am I missing something?

  2. Thanks for the notes and questions, Panos.

    We'll fix up Next Saturday to add the post navigation to those other pages.

    For Esquire, the theme does not have a full-width option, I've updated that page now. The featured images are only used for the Audio post format, to upload the album art. It's not used anywhere else in the theme.

  3. Thanks Lance!

    Follow-up: The Showcase site speaks of a 270 px featured image. Shouldn't that read 207x207?

  4. You're right on that, too — thanks for catching it. It should be 207 x 207 pixels

  5. You're welcome.

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