Next to impossible to upload vids

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    I have tried many times to upload some vids but it takes several attempts to just get one uploaded.

    That is uploading them into a draft post.

    Is there something I should know?
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is



    Your videos are successfully uploaded and visible in the media library.

    You can read more information about VideoPress in this guide.


    I have about 30 vids I would like to upload, rather than linking to Youtube.

    I have tried many times but have only been able to upload six, which are small ones at that.

    Are there any other upload methods available?



    Could you please explain in detail what happens if you upload those other videos?

    Do you also encounter this issue in a different browser? for example Internet Explorer or Google Chrome?

    Screenshots are a huge help – can you please send screenshots of the issue so we can better understand the issue? Please see for information on making screenshots.


    Sorry I have taken so long to reply.

    Yes, I get the same problem in Firefox, IE and Chrome.

    Basically, the upload screen with the percentage progress bar goes up to a certain point then says “crunching” and that’s about it – no matter how long I leave it that way, the video doesn’t upload.

    I have tried different videos, tried uploading them via a post or directly into the library.

    I regularly download numerous Youtube vids including films without a problem.



    What are the formats of the files you’ve tried?


    Sorry for the delay in reply. They are mostly MP4, some are x264.MP4.



    That should work. I wonder if there might be a slight incompatibility in one of the codecs, or perhaps some file corruption.

    Would you please try converting it in and set the format as MP4 (even though it already is) and see if that uploads any better for you?


    Well I have tried uploading five vids converted using this converter and it worked first time. Thank you for your help.

    There is a slight problem in that this converter only deals with one vid at a time and I have many to do. So please would you let me know if there is another converter that will work on batch mode?



    I’m not aware of any that would convert in batch mode, and I’m not a Windows user, so I’m not comfortable making any recommendations.

    I recommend Miro Video Converter, since I use it on my Mac and it is cross-platform, but sadly it does not batch convert.


    Good news – they are working on an MVC batch converter now.



    Wonderful, thanks for letting me know!


    I have not tried any more MP4s, but hopefully they will be OK.

    I have been trying ALL DAY to upload three small MP3s without success.

    They were converted using Miro, so don’t quite know what to do next.

    I have gone through a list found somewhere, updating the browser, emptying the cache, enabling cookies, etc., etc. Nothing has worked.

    Worryingly, with almost every post on this subject I have been able to find, the enquirer has been unable to upload and blog has become inactive.

    Considering the number of WordPress blogs, shouldn’t this problem have been fixed?


    Oh dear there is something wrong with the vids.

    I have about a dozen vids linked to from a list at the foot of the home page and when the links are clinked on the vids come up but really very small, with no facility to make the screen bigger, and no facility to switch to full screen.

    Just the simple task of getting a few vids and audios on to my blog has wasted huge amount of time, running into days. It seems ridiculous.

    I’ve not been able to upload any more vids in spite of several attempts and running through the upload troubleshooting checklist. Updating browser, emptying cache, etc., etc.




    MP3 is an audio format, not a video format. To unlock the ability to upload audio, you’ll need a Space Upgrade:

    The videos you’re linking to are just the .mp4 files, which means your browser’s player will take over or they’ll download. We have no control over that.

    If you want to have more control, you’ll need to embed them:

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