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NextGen Photo Galleries

  1. Hi,
    I am doing a blog for a group I am part of and we need some images to be put into galleries. We had a wordpress site previously but because I didnt set it up he had not told me whether it was at or I am wondering whether under blog there is any Next Gen Galleries that we were using on the other blog.

  2. Can you tell us again what you want? I'm not sure I follow you. If you provide a link to your blog, we can tell you if it's a .com or .org blog.

    Our options for integration with photo sites are limited for security reasons, if that's what you mean. We can use sites like Flickr and Photobucket to host images and post thumbnails on our blogs, then link back to the original images. We can also use Slide to create a sideshow and embed it in our blogs. But AFAIK full integration with gallery sites isn't possible for security reasons; you'd have much more freedom for that using the software. Hope that helps.

  3. Edit: that should be "slideshow".

    And this link explains the security concerns.

  4. Sorry as I couldnt find this actual post when searching originally this morning I decided to repost which has been rephrased. The title is NextGen

  5. See the answers in the other thread you posted in:

  6. Indeed and please do not post the same issue into multiple threads.

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