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nextpage tag not working on homepage of the blog

  1. I am using The journalist v.1.9 as theme and on the homepage of the blog it cuts of the post where I use the nextpage tag and doesn't show the page count on the bottom. When I click the name of the post it does show the pages.
    When I leave the nextpage command away it will show the complete posts on the homepage of my blog.
    One of the posts I am referring to is Irony of New Year's Eve 2009 - 2010.
    Is that working as designed or is it a bug?

    I'm using Chrome on Vista SP2, but the same problem I have with FireFox and IE.
    Thanks guys and girls :)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Nothing wrong. That is how nextpage works. It is not for shortening posts on the homepage. The more tag is for the homepage.

  3. I ain't using it to shorten the posts on the homepage, but to shorten the posts to make it easier to read. But on the homepage it's not visible that the posts where I used nextpage are longer. Hence my question.

  4. The nextpage tag works on the post page only, not on the homepage.

  5. For the homepage use the more tag not the next tag. Next tag is for posts.

  6. @sanshiru
    For excerpts of post only on the front page split content by use of "the read more tag". t

  7. Thanks for all the help! :) I was hoping there was a different way, but it will do with the more tag :)

    Bookmarked your articles about copyright. Very interesting and useful. Thanks again :)

  8. You're welcome. :)

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