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nice blogs to recommend?

  1. been looking for nice blogs to read but so far most i found are either too political, or formal, or subject specific.
    was just wondering if there are any really random/personal/funny blogs to read? anyone can recommend any?

  2. Moonbeam McQueen is funny! And from her blogroll or links I'm sure you'll find plenty of great blogs.

  3. I like Gimcrack hospital.

    And Deutschland ├╝ber Elvis

  4. I drop a link to my blog on a shared account. deliberately bad poetry, that is submitted to vanity poetry sites.
    ( I swear people encourage me to do this.)

  5. oops! that was

    the link above is wrong -- i need sleep

  6. I like raincoaster's blog.

  7. love the poetry site lol.

  8. Thanks. Mine is random, but if you've read my Albania thread you'll know I'm not very nice.

  9. mysticgypsy128

    We're ALL about random. ;D

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