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nice work bro! nice work dude!

  1. Yeah, so it looks like someone has created a spambot that creates blogs and automatically starts comment spamming other blogs.

    The blogs are almost all "" with comments of "nice work, bro" or "nice work, dude". When you click through the blog text is non-english and has links to other splogs.

    I've had around 10 get through akismet in the past few hours

    So if you see one, then click on Blog Info >> Report as Spam on your dashboard

  2. And if you click on the links on their splogs you can usually find like 5-6 more.

  3. It's like hunting easter eggs, without the chocolate.

  4. Thanks engtech, I'll be on the lookout for them.

  5. Me too. Damn, this is like that "I Love You" virus, where you feel left out if you're so unimportant you've been overlooked.

  6. Thank you for the info :)

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