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Nicer looking way to play audio?

  1. annemarieharrington

    Hi, here's my site, its a 'work in progress' and looking a bit rough!

    Basically, if you look on radio pages, I have links to recordings. Is there some way I could make that look nicer and more professional? Aome kind of player? Something for each recording that you could just click on and it would play while staying on the page itself?

    Any ideas much appreciated. Thankyou!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. annemarieharrington

    Thanks raincoaster,

    I read the link you provided above. Basically I chose Option 2 on that page already and bought extra space and I've been uploading files directly from my computer.

    But is there any way I get the kind of player that you see in Option 1?


  3. You didn't put the link in as explained in Option 1

  4. Hi annmarieharrington,

    I'm a newbie to WordPress. I imported my bog from Blogger precisely because I couldn't figure out a way to do what you've done. I just posted a query about it here just a few minutes ago!

    I've already read the link provided by raincoaster, but what you have done is more like my ambition. That is, if those links can be parts of sentences. Can they?

    This whole blogging thing is new to me. While I'd like to be a code master, my main ambition is the writing. So I hope that questions that you seem to have easily resolved don't sound stupid coming from me.

    How did you associate the text with the player?


  5. annemarieharrington

    Hi everyone,

    VIVIANPAGE - Good question. First reason I didn't is casue I'd already paid for the extra storage. Second, and most important, when they say 'upload anywhere on the internet' and then ... I don't know what this means? Like upload in an email or something? Do you have any suggestions? Places I could upload?

    IZAAMAK - Ok, blind leading the blind here. I uploaded by going dashboard > pages > page i wanted > clicked on audio icon > searched my pc files > clicked on 'insert in post' > updated page.
    I'm GUESSING that if you wanted to use the part of sentences as you say then maybe re-Christian your files as the sentences and save before uploading?
    But you might be better off asking someone else!

  6. annemarieharrington - Thanks. I'm still waiting for others to join in.

  7. annemarieharrington - By the way, my PC locked up when I opened the TV tab on your blog. No problem with the others. I've got an old hunk-o-junk, so having problems isn't all that rare, but maybe it's not me?

  8. annemarieharrington

    izaakmak - hey thanks for letting me know! I'm onto it.. do you mean locked like froze or you got messages like there was issues with opening (doanloading?)

    ... yeah... there's tumbleweed blowing through this thread alright....

  9. annemarieharrington - Completely locked. Had to re-boot. Since loading pages can be a slow process on my hunk-o-junk, I had stepped away once the initial outlines (some text, black boxes) from the TV page. When I came back the system was frozen with the very same starting image. I think it might have been loading in the video, but I don't know.

    Like I said, it's probably my machine, especially if you haven't heard from anyone else.

  10. The reason you aren't getting many answers is that this has been discussed quite a bit in this forum.

    In order to display the audio player - regardless of where you have uploaded the file - you still have to use the [audio URL_OF_FILE} to make the player work.

  11. And mods - please move this from the CSS forum as the topic is not appropriate here.

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