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Nickname in Blogger Comments

  1. Whenever I leave a comment on a Blogger blog, it signs it with my WordPress username instead of the nickname that I have set up. I have changed the "nickname" and "Display Name Publicly as" fields and updated my profile, but my signature is still my username. Is there a fix for this or is it another Blogger shortcoming?

  2. If you're talking about Blogger ( weblogs as opposed to WordPress ( weblogs then I'm afraid the nickname displayed when leaving comments is not at all related to

    You'll need to look at the options for your Blogger profile here.

  3. When I leave the comment, I am signing in with my WordPress OpenID, not my Blogger profile. Using the OpenID, shouldn't it look back to what I have set up in my WordPress profile?

  4. Aha, forgive me :)

    As far as I'm aware, yes, it should. Let me check that out and get back to you.

  5. I thought OpenID takes the name from the url? At least that's what it did for me somewhere.

  6. The first time I set up commenting on a blogger site there was a dialog box where I could put in my preferred nickname and my wordpress url. WordPress did ask for my approval on this once. (something like "blogger is asking for this information - okay to send it to blogger sites?" and I chose "yes, always for this site") My username and link displayed correctly the first time I previewed my comment but once I hit publish and then every time since, on every blogger site I comment at, it has displayed my blog name rather than my username/nickname.

    It seems like blogger is retrieving this info from wordpress each time I comment somewhere. Somehow it's set wrong, maybe?? Is it possible to reset?

  7. I was able to reset by going to options/Open ID and deleting blogger from my trusted sites list. The blogger comments did display my nickname "beatgrl" correctly once, then it reverted to "fourthcorner" again.

    Sigh, I guess a temporary fix could be to set it to ask permission everytime I comment on blogger.

  8. That's what I do. Sometimes I want to use a Blogger ID, sometimes I want to use my ID and sometimes I want to use an outside ID. It's a bit of a PIA, but what can you do?

  9. This is realy problematic.. its sucks to autorise everytime, but and you give permant permission, you get wrong nickname allways..

  10. how provide anonymous comment options with no emails in wordpress

  11. how provide anonymous comment options with no emails in wordpress ?

  12. Is yours a blog hosted by

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