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nickname not appearing w/comments

  1. Many many moons ago, I edited My Public Profile so that my nickname would appear instead of my username. But I realize now that, here in the Forums, it is my username that always appears with my picture. I just went back in and put the (same) nickname in again and then Updated, but it is still my username that appears publicly. Am I missing something?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. The way i know is as below :

    From your dashboard goto Users -> MyProfile : then In the box "display name publicly as" enter your desired name.

  3. See here, just above "Contacts":

  4. Well, that's rather embarrassing. There's the explanation right there:

    Note: in the forums, only your username will be displayed.

    So, I WAS missing something. I suppose things look different at 2:30am. (-: Thanks, phoxis and panaghiotisadam.

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