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nimbit plugin

  1. How do I install the instant-band-site-by-nimbit plugin ?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. There is no upgrade you can purchase that will provide FTP access and the ability to install plugins, upload themes, and/or edit templates and themes in a free hosted blog.

    To use plugins you must hire a web host and then set up your own install. Please read this comparison >

  3. I have a domain but I don't have any experience . nor do I see the plugins folder.

    Hi there! We at just wanted to let you know that we have set your new domain,, as the primary domain for your site, "

  4. Did I hire the host when I did that upgrade if so whats next? Thank you Time chief

  5. Yeah I I read a little bit. i did the upgrade a while back because I couldn't upload MP3. And now I'm having problems with the conversion. But I'm not Havins problems with nimbit That's why I wanted to put the plug in On my WordPress All I really want to do is have Better sound quality the conversions to MP3s give me problems very specific or not but I don't think it's worth dealing with the mamp software. What would you suggest?
    I can spend more time trying to figure out what's going With The conversion but I Don't think it's going to work I have the same problem with SoundCloud

  6. Well thank you again It's so ironic that I write so poorly To think about Putting anything I write online .. thank you for your patience I'll look into it. I will need some time to read this. I hope you can answer me later on If I need to come back. Thank you
    I'll crap I thought it was chief well thank you time Thief-d
    Well you're the boss. ciao

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