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    Howdy all!

    Just started here, looking for a place to dump years worth of blogs and stuff in the one place. Problem is, I can’t get the Nintuis custom menus feature to work, especially how to post to a page “post vs. page”, link under “how do I post to a page”

    I want diferent pages and the posts to appear on the home screen and on the other pages. I’ve followed the tutorial twice and it isn’t working. Once it even changed the menu name from home to XX, xx being the one I want to have working. I know it works because someone else uses this theme has got it working.

    The blog I need help with is



    Thanks for that. But the issues remain.
    The menu tab I wish to assign to the catagory of the post already posted either, after the steps and steps in the help, remains empty.

    And if I make it a primary location it renames the original home tab to what I wanted my new tab to be, but acts the way I want it, but also ads another tab of the post. Secondary location does nothing.

    All I want to do is “make your top menu tabs link to groups of related posts, you assign the right category to each post, create a custom menu, add the categories to the menu, save the menu, and activate it by selecting it from the pulldown in the Theme Locations module.” All of which I have done.



    1) The “primary” menu is the one below the blog title and the “secondary” menu (optional) shows up in the black strip above the blog title.
    2) No, you haven’t done all of that: you never added any of your post categories (currently “Max Exposure”, “Music” and “Tiny Chunk”) to your menu.
    3) If you want more specific help then instead of vague descriptions (“xx”, “the menu tab I wish to assign”, “what I wanted my new tab to be”, “another tab”) you need to be specific yourself:
    a. what are the actual names of all the items you want?
    b. where do you want each one to link to when clicked?
    c. do you want them all in the primary menu or not?


    I couldn’t get it to work on the primary menu because I couldn’t get it to add, it only replaces, so I figured I could get it to work on the secondary menu. The Max exposure one works fine. I went to add another title – dad on a ladder – to the secondary menu just now and instead of adding it, it replaces the only one I had which was max exposure.

    I followed all of the same steps I did with the first item on the secondary menu. I know you can have more than one item in the secondary menu but it’s not adding, only replacing.

    Using the secondary menu isn’t my first preference but when I tried to do it with the primary menu, the title I chose would replace other items, ie: Home.

    I have added post catagories to the menu, ie: max exposure posts have the catagory max exposure and the menu max exposure is to pick up posts only using the catagory max exposure. So that’s fine.

    I want a set of menus, two I know of at the moment are max exposure and dad on a ladder to act like: “make your top menu tabs link to groups of related posts”.

    Ideally I want them primary but no matter which instructions I use, it doesn’t add, it only replaces.


    And no, I don’t just go into the appearance -> menus option and rename my existing menu, i click the + tab to actually add one (didn’t want it to seem like I was a complete nong).


    Finally, with the max exposure secondary menu item, I have only nominated the category “max exposure” in the box on the right (where the save menu button is) becuase when I added the posts “max exposure” there as well, it added the posts and the category to the secondary menu.



    So I can get the two menu items to work in the secondary menu simultaneously.

    But when I change the it from secondary menu to primary menu in the theme locations, the menu replaces the pages: HOME, about contact etc.
    Why? And can I stop that or do I have to create menu items such as contact and about and dump them into the primary menu if I want them there?


    Lastly, I have it working.

    Thanks heaps for your patience.

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