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    Hi everyone. I would like my custom menu links across the top to be the same font color as my main title. Additionally, I would like the background of each link to be white (same as the color that is already there.) How can I do this? Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is


    Some more info, if I just add a category or something else in the custom menu, it looks fine. It’s only when I add a custom link that I get the gray box around the menu item and the font color is not right.


    There might be some things like visited link color at play here. Most themes also setup separate colors for things like current page. You should experiment. Try this first to see if it does the trick:

    #nav a, ul a {
    	color: #fe4365;

    If it doesn’t, we may have to look deeper into the CSS to find all the color rules the theme you’re using started out with and then adjust them all in one swoop.

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