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    All of the sudden (after the new media loader update) my home page layout is all screwy. The sidebar is missing, even though there is a place for it, and as you scroll down to older posts, all of the sudden, some of the photos are full width, even though I always had a sidebar, then finally as you get to the bottom of the page, there’s the sidebar, all by itself, next to nothing but blank space! The layout in single posts are fine. It’s just the home page.

    My first thought was to go in the dashboard and remove the sidebar option and then reinstate it, but there was no option to remove it!

    The blog is

    The blog I need help with is



    This has nothing to do with the “new media loader update”. See here:



    That did it. Thanks. I only mentioned the uploader because the issue appeared after my first post using it. Coincidence I guess, although I still don’t like the uploader.

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