Nishita theme – images not displaying full width.

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    My photoblog – – is set to display images at full width. But it doesn’t! If you look at the post from 24th December you’ll see that it is not full width. Click on the post header to go into it (as if you wanted to leave a comment) and you’ll see that the image then displays as full width.
    Can anyone tell me why this is happening?

    Cheers and merry Christmas

    The blog I need help with is



    Ok – I’ve found out what is causing the problem. WordPress updated the image upload process recently. Since then, even if you specify that the image is displayed full width it isn’t.

    I uploaded an image yesterday that was 1097 pixels wide. It was specified to display at full width. When I clicked on the ‘Text’ tab to show the html code for the picture I saw that the code included width and height restrictions – the width was restricted to 774 pixels.

    The code can be edited to enable the photo to display at full width but why are my settings being overridden? There is obviously an error in the new image upload process.

    Here is the html code…

    [caption id="attachment_2232" align="aligncenter" width="774"]<img class=”size-full wp-image-2232″ alt=”Piccadilly Circus, London.” src=”” width=”774″ height=”636″ /> Piccadilly Circus, London.[/caption]



    I encounter the same issue.
    My photos adjusted to Media size setting when we add media to the post.

    Media size setting is located under Setting / Media.

    My theme is automatically selected Medium size – so everytime they adjusted my photo to Medium size – 300×300
    If I want to change the size, I needed to do it in Advanced Setting within the post.

    Hope somebody know how to overwite it, may be under Theme/CSS
    my blog –


    So sorry for the late response, @sarphoto. I just sent you an email!

    @baabaabi: This is a known issue and I’m working hard to nail down how content width is being set for all blogs at the moment. I’ll keep you in the loop about everything and update this thread as soon as there’s a suitable resolution for you. Cheers.

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