NISHITA theme not displaying correctly in Internet Explorer

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    Yesterday I discovered that my NISHITA theme blog is no longer displaying correctly in IE9. widgets are desplayed at the bottom right side of the page. The gallery carousel isn’t working (the pictures are displayed full size in the browser when clicked). And also the wp-admin bar looks “corrupted” when logged in.

    I’ve used NISHITA theme for the last 6 months without any problems with IE.

    Page looks ok with google chrome.
    I’ve posted a question in the support forum, and discovered at least to other NISHITA users with similar problems.

    Problem started thursday 12/7.

    The blog I need help with is


    I am experiencing the identical problems that Kristian described above — Nishita theme not working properly in IE9 (although it works in Google Chrome), with the sidebar displayed on the bottom of page.

    The problem began on Thursday, 7/13, after six months of flawless performance.

    The blog is

    Thanks in advance for the help.



    Same problem here:

    Hope someone can fix it soon…




    Same problem with Garland in IE8 – started last night.

    Right side column widgets are shifted over to left side and displaying at foot of page.

    No problem in FF v12 or Chrome. However, in both FF and Chrome, I notice an element I have not previously been aware of.

    At the foot of the screen, a semi-transparent box is displaying which gives my site name, “Blog at” and “Theme: Customized Garland” (I have the CSS upgrade.) This element does not appear to display in IE8.

    Is this a new addition to some themes and possibly causing the template to bork in IE8?

    I’m glad it’s not just me, but I hope WP can sort this as there are some features of the WYSIWYG editor that don’t work in FF and I prefer to use IE8 for uploading posts.


    Well, at 21:40 Friday 13/7 local Norwegian time the NISHITA theme seems to be working okay with Internet Explorer again. Has “someone” done “something” that solved the problem?
    Can anyone else confirm this to be okay?


    Kristian, I just checked my blog and can confirm that the Nishita theme is now working properly with Internet Explorer.

    I am appreciative of whatever was done to remedy the problem.


    I don’t know what fixed this problem, but I’m thankful for whoever fixed this issue!

    I’m calling this one a “case closed”

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