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No ABOUT tab in the header

  1. I just began my new Blog, 5700, today (Vigilance theme).

    Why is there no ABOUT tab up there in the header? My other Vigilance blog Pesky Emotional Republican does indeed have an ABOUT tab. Don't they just take my profile and use it??

    I have a feeling I have forgotten something and am asking a laughable question..............


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Every blog designer exercises their choice when designing themes in the way they prefer. There is no across the board standardization. You can create an About page very easily

  3. And in most themes they don't take your profile info and use it.

  4. There's no About tab because either you didn't create an About page, or it existed and you deleted it. They don't just take your Profile and use it on themes that don't have the About page built in. And if they do, and you somehow delete the page, you'll have to write it again.

    Vigilance is new. New themes are always subject to changes by staff. And no, people don't get notified.

  5. Agreed I ought to have mentioned that it's rare to find themes that do include your profile information and use it as indicated. Tx :)

  6. Ok..... (I think :-) )
    Now I will click onto the link that Timethief provided for me (thank you!) and do my About page.

    And Timethief, what does Tx:-) mean???

    Name is 5700 (at least for now)

  7. franciscobarriosc

    lornareiko: same thing happened to me with my Depo Masthead Theme. "About" just dissapeared (my mistake, most likely). Could anyone post detailed instructions on how to make it visible again? Thanks

  8. franciscobarriosc,

    If About disappeared, then it is because you a) deleted that page c) changed its status from published to draft or c) made it a child page under a parent page.

  9. franciscobarriosc

    Thanks husdal!

  10. On your dashboard go to Pages > add new . Title the page "Home" and go from there.

  11. I meant title it "About"

  12. The Depo Masthead about section that appears in the lower left hand corner of my blog won't show the picture unless you actually click to view the page. How can I make it appear in the summarized version that appears on the bottom left hand corner sidebar?

    And the name of the blog which usually appears in the middle of the top border line dissapeared and I have no idea why.

  13. Those are completely different issues from the About tab missing, Please start a new thread for those if you can't find an existing one on the same topic.

  14. Sorry, done and done.

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