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no access to draft posts

  1. What's really driving me crazy today is that the draft posts which I can usually access in the Admin area of my blogs by clicking "Manage" are not available today. Some drafts contain my "copy and paste" answers to support forum questions.

    The two blogs afflicted by this strange malady are and

    And I'm posting this in the hopes that whatever change our beloved geeks have made to the backend that has caused this "malfunction" will soon be rectified.

  2. Mine says "and 15 more". That is what you write about? Is that the same? If it is, I support you. It is irritating!

  3. I'm so jealous I could spit.
    You actually have words that indicate you have drafts.
    Lucky you I can't even access the area. :(

  4. I'm suddenly unable to access the drafts of other users but I can see mine just fine. A few hours ago everything was normal.

  5. But when I click the text "and 15 more" the pages turns as it should. Only: the drafts are not there!

  6. I've only got 1 draft but it's back in the Write tab, gone from Manage.

  7. Okay so we have uncovered a problem.
    Breathe deeply several times and smile knowing all things pass.
    Perhaps we can hold hands across the wires and sing a little "patience" song. ;)

  8. Well, we will just have to wait. They will fix it sooner or later...

  9. Yes some of the drafts I can see. But not the "15 more" on the new page. They are gone.

  10. No - not gone - everything is backed-up. They are just temporarily unavailable.

  11. I know. :lol:

  12. Great News! If you click on "Write" then Voila! the drafts are once again visible and accessible too.

  13. Yes, that's where I found mine!

  14. okie, i hope you are right. i'm not easily panic but if these 30 something posts got lost ....

  15. drmike taught me this: Always, always back-up what you post.
    A good way of doing that is to use an off-line blog editor. For example if you use BlogDesk then every draft is backed up on your own computer.

  16. I still can't access "and 15 more"...

  17. hmmm ... that's not good, at all, at all :(

  18. Oh dear...

  19. If I click on Write, I get most of my posts, but none by the other authors, and I'm the one with publishing permissions.

    If I click "five more" I get the "Latest Posts" screen.

  20. Have y'all sent in Feedbacks?

  21. My problem is resolved. I click on "write" and have all my drafts. Those who don't will need to send in feedbacks to staff tomorrow.

  22. See Mike's post here:

    Drafts on the Manage page can now be viewed by selecting Drafs from the post type drop-down at the top. Drafts displayed on the write page are limited to your own.

  23. Barry,

    Is there a way to filter out password protected posts? It seem to be a logical option that is missing...

  24. I see these post types: Any, Draft, Scheduled, Private, Published

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