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No access to older posts

  1. On my blog, from my perspective, there are only two posts displayed on the front page. I have no access to the older entries unless I go to the archive. But in the archive, the posts appear, but with no excerpts. Is there any way I can either have access to older entries on the front page of my blog without use of the widgets, or for the access to display the excerpts of my posts?

  2. The Hemingway theme you are using is coded to display only 2 posts on the front page of the blog. There is no way you can change that, nor is there a way to have it show the whole post other than copying and pasting the entire post to the excerpt section.

    It is the way the theme was designed and would require hacking of the underlying theme php script files, and we do not have access to those. It isn't something that can be done with CSS editing. The excerpt function is dead in most themes but not in Hemingway. See also >

    The way post entries are displayed in Archives and Categories pages is theme dependent. In the majority of themes, posts in category or monthly archive pages show up just as they do in the main posts page. But in some themes only the beginnings of posts are shown, and in a few themes you only get titles or thumbnails. In the Hemingway theme only post titles are displayed. See >

    If the forgoing information does not provide solutions for you then the easy solution to your problem is to switch themes.

  3. Thanks. Even though I like the look of the Hemingway, I'll try out the other ones with the option of excerpts and older entry access, just if I'm feeling nostalgic or something. Thanks!

  4. The best way IMO to test themes and features you may want to use on your main blog is to create a mirror blog. See here >

  5. Thanks!

  6. You're welcome. :)

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