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No Access to stats

  1. I haven't been able to access my stats all day.
    Blog url:

  2. Can you access the stats at!/my-stats/ ?

  3. I have the same problem. When I go to!/my-stats/ I am redirected to a "Page Note Found" page :

    Since the last few days I have also am being redirected to when I go to .

  4. marketlavingtonmuseum

    I van get some, but not all of my stats. I crucially need to know which posts get most views - and that's the one that isn't there. The heading is there ion the 'My Stats' page but it won't toggle on or off. Something seems to be amiss at the moment.


  5. Sorry for the trouble, we're looking into the issue.

  6. lagottocattleya

    I have no access to the view all on stats. No map either! Two days back. Anyone else with the same trouble?

  7. Yes, we are looking into the issue.

  8. lagottocattleya

    Well... it just worked! I only had to ask you, and it was fixed! Thank you.

  9. Same problem here since two days or so, still going on.

  10. Very unstable. Stats now showing but views by country is not working.

  11. Me too, was worried I had a virus so actually quite relieved to hear I'm not the only one. I'm sure the good WP people will have it sorted out in no time - they usually do!

  12. I can see stats now, but I can't see views by country.

  13. castleparkdesigns

    I have the same problems, hopefully they will fix it

  14. I also can't see search engines and search phrases

  15. stats shows,but no country thanks for help

  16. marketlavingtonmuseum

    Problem seems to be resolved except page loading time feels to be much longer than it used to be, particulaqrly when changing from one stats view to another.

    Thanks for sorting main problem

  17. You're welcome!

    For everyone else tuning in, this should really be fixed up now, though you may need to clear your browser's cache:

    Sorry for the trouble!

  18. Yep. Prob seems to be fixed. Thx.

  19. Thanks, have followed all the advice and stats now appear on my dashboard home page, but the site stats page won't display properly - garbled menus and no content. So I'm half fixed, half not!

  20. Same for me, I'm afraid. The site stats "view all page" is blank. I can get general daily totals in stats (no. of but nothing more detailed despite clearing cache etc. No indications now of where site visits originated or referrers etc. been like this for about a week.

  21. mine,is fine now,thanks

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