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No activation mail

  1. I'm trying to create an accound, but no activation mail has send to my email - and there is no way to re-send an activation mail.

    Can anywone help?

  2. few members have the same problems, i think it is a bug?

    or maybe it takes time to wait?

  3. Log, its been about 14 hours to my request, so i thign its just a bug...

    I wonder where can i contact wordpress about this..

  4. Are you sure that you gave a correct email address? You may have made a typo or something. Try registering again. If not, wait for Matt!

  5. Quite sure (but not sure enough)... But i have received some mails from WP (none for activation, but for Forum sing-up) so i guess they have the right one...

    I cant register again - my domain is in use (by me, sniff-sniff)

  6. I know that we've (meaning the webhosting that I do) had issues with emails from PHP scripts being seen as spam by some hosters. This may be the case here as well.

    Of course that doesn't help you in this case.

    I've gone ahead and sent in a feedback request. Maybe we can get the attention of someone to flag this one. :)


  7. Thanks ppl, you have been very helpful :)

  8. arkoudos - your blog should be ok now. I need to add a link somewhere to resend the activation link in case spam filters have chewed it up.
    (Thanks Mike for sending the feedback!)

  9. donncha, not a problem.

    arkoudos, please let us know if things work out and I can close this thread.

  10. Having the same problem. Can donncha activate my blog. Thank you.

  11. math7 - there's a new form on the front page. Enter your email address into that and it'll send you the activation code again.
    You'll probably have to request your password again too, you'll find a link to get that in the login form.

  12. Adding this to the FAQ list. :)

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