No "add user" option?

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    I’m having trouble adding a new user to my private blog. I used to be able to just click “add user” but the option is no longer there. Now when I’ve invited him, he’s “accepted” the invitation, but he’s not added as an author. The “add user” feature allowed me to bypass all of this nonsense. What gives??



    The blog I need help with is



    Staff have made some changes. Please see here > Note that this thread is flagged for Staff attention.


    Amen! Having this same problem. Help!?!


    Just having the “add user” tab back seems like it should solve the problem


    even though it is an added step, i think it simplifies the overall process
    (it does confuse the new users a bit)

    unfortunately many times that wordpress does this “upgrading” i end up temporarily losing my list of invites, but this time i’m not getting any help to resolve the issue(s)
    cause their support is on vacation or something?


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