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"No-Ads" purchased, but Ads still present, when it will be applied?

  1. I purchased Yesterday the "No-Ads" option, but it seems it's not been applied yet, is it ok or there is some problem? If it is ok, how many days will pass before it will be active?
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    The blog I need help with is

  2. What types of ads are you seeing and where are they
    placed? Are you seeing them while logged in?

    You may have a contaminated browser extension,
    add-on or toolbar. Try disabling any and all you have
    installed, especially unfamiliar ones.

  3. At the moment i don't have any activated toolbar, i see ads in two places, above the header and beside the last post. When i'm logged in i don't see any ad.

  4. Do you see No Ads at:

    Dashboard >> Store >> My Upgrades? If the purchase went through it should show here

  5. @auxclass yes i see No-Ads as "active"

  6. When I logged out I did not see any ads on your site

    Try clearing your browser Cache - some Browsers and ISP's hold onto old versions of web pages

  7. @auxclass thank you. I cleaned the cache but still see ads when unlogged. Positive thing is that a colleague doesn't see ads when unlogged. So it's probably only my problem. thnk you to everybody.

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