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    I am launching my site tomorrow and I have just noticed a heap of advertising on my page. I am trying to purchase the no ads upgrade through the store and the ‘Get Rid of Ads’ link is not working. I have tried using both Chrome and Safari.

    Please help!



    I’ll mark this for staff to look at, so please be patient. In the meantime, so that they can help you, please give the URL of your blog.

    If you are not blogging on but instead have a self-hosted blog, please read this:



    My blog is in maintenance mode at the moment ( I have now tried to purchase the upgrade on two computers and no luck. I appreciate your help but this is a real matter of emergency.



    WordPress.COM does not have a “Maintenance” mode – so you need to read the links above from @absurdoldbird – you are probably in the wrong forum – is not a blog here


    This forum is manned by volunteers with staff popping by to help when can’t. They tend not to work on weekends, so if they aren’t here to see your support request then even citing urgency is not going to be any use. Sorry, but that’s just fact.

    And whoever tries to help you needs to know whether you are blogging on or It sounds to me like you’re self-hosted as, to my knowledge, blogs here don’t have a maintenance mode.

    If you are self-hosted, then you need to ask your question on the correct forum as we cannot help you here.



    I have a self hosted blog and I did post the same question on the other forum and they pointed me to this forum… I am very confused.


    Member thread:

    They pointed you here because of a lack of information about your issue. And clearly said it was a “guess” because they did not have your blog’s address. They did nothing wrong.



    I appreciate all of your help. I was not trying to be offensive.

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