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NO ADS upgrade purchased, but still seeing ads on the blog.

  1. sweethollowalmanac

    I have purchased the NO ADS upgrade, and it has been active for months, but I just found out that readers are still seeing ads on my blog!
    Blog url:

  2. They are using browser add-ons and/or browser extensions that are resulting in the display of ads. They need to disable all their browser add-ons and extensions and the ads will be gone.

  3. I'm having the same problem. There are no add-ons or extensions in my browser. I've tried several different browsers! I see ads on

    The ads won't go away from my blog either

  4. Do you have the Word Ads upgrade? That's what it looks like. You can't have both No Ads and Word Ads active.

  5. sweethollowalmanac

    No, I don't have the Word Ads upgrade.

  6. The only ad I see is the one that Word Ads uses.

  7. sweethollowalmanac

    Aha! I was looking at my upgrade settings, where I have the No Ads upgrade active. There's no "upgrade" option for Word Ads, but apparently there is a Word Ads menu under Settings. I set it to show no ads and the ads have disappeared.


  8. You're welcome.

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