No “attach” option for attaching photo to posting

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    I have uploaded a photo and can see it my image library. I checked in “Support” and followed the instructions. I can see an option to click “unattached” images, but there is no option to “attach.”

    I can preview the image on the site, but not with the posting. I can preview the posting, but not with the picture. I actually started from the posting, clicking on the image icon to upload the picture from my desktop. I thought that that would have attached it to the posting.

    What am I missing?




    Please give a link to your blog when asking questions, or link your nickname to your blog as explained in the Sticky “8 Things to Know”.

    To upload and insert a new photo, you click “Add an Image” (in your post or page editor), click “Select Files”, and choose the photo from your computer. Once “crunching” is over, a new screen appears. You select size and alignment, click “File URL” (if the link doesn’t show up and if you want your post image to link to the full-size original), then you click “Insert into post”.

    To insert an image already in your media library, you click “Add an Image”, click “Media Library”, and click “Show” for the particular image. Then as above.



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