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No automatic adjustment for daylight savings?

  1. I just had to reset my time on my blog, as it clocked over as if it was midnight and it isn't. I them noticed in Settings that we were still one hour ahead, althought we turned our clocks back Sunday morning to end daylight savings time.

    Did I do the right thing?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I seem to have lost about 50 add views by doing that, too :(

  3. Changed it back to daylight savings time and got my views back for today - so what happens and what should I do?

  4. I didn't reset mine but somehow it is reflecting the correct time. This is what I found >

  5. when you alter the time and click reset , it will bring up your local time to the right hand side , this is what happened on mine

  6. @ TT - yes, precisely what I did - but it "moved" all the stats, at least that is as best as I can work out. Like it re-timestamped everything from inception.

  7. In the end I just changed the time and lived with the reshuffling of the stats! I realise the are all stamped UTC time, therefore it is just the local reporting that gets rearranged.

  8. Here's an update to that DST announcement

    Once you’ve set your timezone this way, you won’t need to change it again to account for Daylight Saving Time. will automatically update your blog’s time settings as needed.

    Works for me!

  9. Yay! I'll check it out! Thanks!

  10. Only works for Americans, I think - and maybe Canadians. :(

    No city choices for us Aussies.

    I just have UTC + and a number of hours to choose.

    Am I missing something?

  11. Must be. I see an entire section for Australia showing all the major cities.

  12. @teamoyeniyi & justjennifer

    I see what justjennifer sees ie. an entire section for Australia showing all the major cities.

  13. in britian we see the same as teamoyeniyi utc+numbers

  14. Thanks @Pensioner.

    I see no cities at all.

    I'm going to forward a link to this thread to Support - see what they say.

    Thanks, everyone!

  15. @teamoyeniyi When you re-adjusted the timezone setting, the stats would not have been lost but they would have been redistributed. Also, you may need to clear browser cache to make sure you're looking at the best view of things after a settings change like that.

    Let me look into the cities thing and report back what I find.

  16. @teamoyeniyi, I think you should be able to see the cities in the Settings -> General -> Timezone dropdown. I checked your blog and I can see the cities. Note that they are above the UTC options and you may need to scroll a lot in order to see them.

    As for daylight savings adjustments, the UTC options are not adjusted automatically for daylight savings and the cities are adjusted automatically.

  17. OK - now I feel REALLY, REALLY stupid!!!!!

    The cities are indeed above the UTC times, and yes, grabbing the scroll bar and jetting upwards finds them.

    In my defence, I was of the understanding that the cities had REPLACED the UTC times, so when all I could see was UTC times, plus dribblingpensioner had the same in the UK - I will admit I didn't go searching up and down!

    Thanks @designsimply - you always are a problem solver!

  18. it must be my age or i was dribbling at the time, i feel stupid , thank you to the engineer :)

  19. Don't feel bad - LOL - I'm younger AND in IT - so I should NOT have been caught! Just goes to show even the pros get caught sometimes!

  20. Hey guys. Oh no! You shouldn't feel bad at all... the cities are really easy to miss if you don't know to scroll way up above the UTC list. The timezone selector is an improvement over what was there before, but it could still stand some updating. :)

    We will keep this thread in mind the next time that section is reviewed.

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