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No blog management capabilities

  1. I have a site that I'm the admin of. I haven't been on it for a while, but went there today and have to management capability. I can't even edit existing posts.

    I need to make the site private, but have NO TOOLS and NO SETTINGS options.

    The url is

    What do I do?

    Thank you,

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Many others have been experiencing this too.

    Are you using AdBlock? If so disable it.

    Are you using the https:// secure log-in? if not then please enable it

  3. If you do a forum search you'll see htis is a widespread problem.

    1) if you're running AdBlock, disable it.

    2) if you're not using https, enable it.

    Between the two of them, those seem to fix all the problems.

  4. Hi,

    Thanks so much for your quick responses.

    I'm not using AdBlock or https. The problem is I can't get into any options to try to fix the problem.

    I thought of deleting it, but don't have that option either.

    I don't have any tools or settings.

    I'm going to try the links you included. I'll be back if I can't fix the problem.

    Thanks again,

  5. On the blog you are only listed as a Contributor. Your user role needs to be Administrator for you to see the Settings and Tools menus.

  6. I went into Profile and put Https ON.

    Nothing changed.

    I don't see any option for putting AdBlock on and off.

    At this point I'd love to just delete the account, but don't have the option to do it.

    Any other suggestions?

    Thanks for your help,

  7. Macmanx, AH!!!

    The owner of A1 must have changed my status after I set it up - but I no longer work for him.

    This is really a problem. I'll have to try to contact him to change the contact info - it's coming to me.

    Thanks so much for your help.

    This really clears things up.


  8. You're welcome!

  9. @karencv The option to turn Adblock off lives in Tools- Add-Ons in Firefox, doubtless somewhere similar on other browsers.

    Frankly, though, that's a rubbish solution.

  10. Yes, especially since that has no bearing on this particular issue.

  11. Okay, my mistake again.

    The owner is allowing me to make the site private or even delete it if I want.

    I logged in with his username (chrisj88) and password (cXXXX3 - I blocked out the middle four characters).

    I'm able to get in fine, but still have the same problem.

    I logged in with both Internet Explorer and Firefox - have the same problem with both.

    Any suggestions?


  12. The username they gave you is also a Contributor. You need to be logged in as the Administrator, or they need to promote your user to Administrator.

  13. Oh, great. I don't think either of us have the correct admin sign-in. This is crazy.

    I have one more user name and pw to try.

    I'm so sorry for the problems.

    If this doesn't work, I'll be back.

    Thanks so much for your patience.


  14. Macmanx,

    I finally got the correct user name and pw. I made the site private.

    Again, thanks so much for your patience!


  15. You're welcome!

  16. I'm having the same issue as well... can't access dashboard options other than profile and settings. I'm using the only username and password I set up... I guess I must have done something wrong.

    The site url is

    I read something in the support section about needing to be invited as an administator, please help... most of my websites are WP self-hosted... I can't believe how lost I am on the side of things... Thanks in advance.

  17. wisebear2k10 is not a user on the blog. You'll need to log in as the correct user to access it.

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