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No blog on internet

  1. can not find my blog on web
    Blog url:

  2. This is the process we bloggers use to verify our blog ownership with the major search engines. provides sitemaps and there's nothing you need to do.
    It takes time for your content to be indexed by search engines and when that happens is strictly between you and the search engines.

    The most important thing you can do to gain search engines attention is to publish original content posts, not pages frequently and here are the 10 factors that tend to expedite indexing of content by search engines.

  3. I am a new Blogger! but I can not find my blog when entered into
    the search space on Google, any advice? thank you.

  4. You have to be kidding - right?

    You blog is 1 hour old - you have only one small Post - it takes 4 to 6 weeks or so for a search engine to fully index a new blog - blog more - visit TimeThief's blog for tips on how to build traffic

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