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    Hi guys, hope you can offer some tips, I’ve had only 39 hits in 14 days, not even getting any spam, not that we need that. I keep the blog up to date and blog regularly. But it does seem a bit tragic that amount of traffic.



    Just blog on.

    Takes time for search engines to find you.

    Actually, I learn this from the others here by hanging around the forum.




    Thanks scopettg am doing that, but it is a bit sad, will keep blogging, and blogging.



    Hi there!

    Maybe you should study those hot blogs and experiment their style, modify and blog your own ways. Some hits drawer includ Sex, writing erotic stories, pretending to be bimbos or someone who is very… weird.

    You watched ‘Superman Returns’? The editor screamed out three things that ‘sells’.

    Then you can also try some widgets. But I am not very sure myself on using them; such as Delicious and feedburner and so on.

    Having popular blog linking to you also helps. I am not sure whether search engines count as hits… But I heard that helps search engines come to your blog faster via those linked blogs.

    Another way is to post trackbacks by copying the links of popular blogs. This works when other readers see those trackbacks published in that blog and they come to you maybe out of curiousity.

    Also, you may do advertising physically. Lol~ Some in Singapore do that for their blogs.

    Just keep on blogging, then some topic may agitate the world, and they will charge to your blog and read. Then you hits will fly. I personally am not very… easy with hard hits. When hits go up, you usually have plenty of troublemakers coming as well. So…

    Best blogging!



    Thanks for your advice scope.



    where’s your blog link? Your blog traffic depends a lot on what you’re writing about. Latest news, controversial topics, interesting opinions etc. usually get most traffic.



    google take weeks to index your site,so be patient=)


    Thanks a lot guys.



    I was inspired to start blogging about a particular topic because I thought I had some interesting info to share, to exercise my communication skills, and to have a repository for my rants. I’m not too concerned with traffic. I think if you blog for traffic only, you won’t be very successful. You should write posts because you feel compelled to.


    I agree 100% moffdub!



    Hi, Whatsurproblem!

    Not a problem. In marketing, any channel is fair game. Remember that. :)
    There are many routes to Rome.




    blog while the people in USA are on their work hours. work is boring, so they go browsing the internet, blogging, etc.

    notice that your latest post would appear on WordPress front page for only a few hours. so if you really want traffic you better count that. because as a newbie, WordPress front page is your major referer.



    I really think traffic just takes time to build.

    I know there’s been a lot of gossip here about some kind of WordPress conspiracy tied to the horrible “Related Links” feature that was dropped on us my a ton of bricks but, I disabled the “Related Links” feature and my blog traffic still hovers between 700 to 1,200 visitors each day.

    In my experience you really have to participate by actively commenting on other folks blogs, add bloggers to your blogroll and don’t be afraid to be controversial. Having an opinion makes people take notice of you and your blog. I’m nearing 300,000 visitors but it took more than a year’s time to get there.

    Don’t give up. Keep on blogging.



    Hi, Fromtheleft!

    That’d need alot of time. I don’t think I have that kind of time and even if I do, I’d get bored doing such marketing.

    Why not you mention our blogs and we can get all the traffic with your help? :)

    Yeah, I know it sounds funny. I’m just kidding. ;)

    Sleeping. You take care!




    I wonder where my traffic comes from, I am at 777 visitors, around 20 per day, I think using the Extract box helps, because then people have to visit your post to read the rest, using tags is important for the tag surfur. But I really don’t know where we people see my posts appearing, but the visitors tend to appear a couple of hours after I post.
    Oh and I have been blogging for a little more than 6 weeks.
    I have a massive 25 full posts per page, and I wonder if I had less, or used the (more) tag if it would generate more visitors?


    My main reason for this particular blog is human rights, and to put the truth up. So I feel very compelled to blog. So I guess traffic is important to me, as all people have human rights equally, well we’re supposed to. I visit other blogs every night and leave comments on the ones I am drawn to. But yes, patience is a virtue. Thanks guys.



    The first thing you should do is attach a link to your name… when you leave comments on other blogs a link to your blog stays with your comment. Right now you’re not doing that. If you go into your Dashboard, then find “Users” and click on “Your Profile” you’ll need to do two things… 1) make sure your primary blog is set to the one you want people to come to, and; 2) under “Contact Info” fill in the space for “Website”. Then Save As. Once you’ve done this people can find you after reading your comment.

    The second thing you can do is to use the same tags and categories other bloggers with similar interests are using.

    Make sure your blog is easy to load and to follow… twenty-five posts (bad=morris108) on the front page is a little much. Having a schedule is good… having good headlines is a good idea. Think of what makes a newspaper attractive… good headline, decent formating, clear graphics…

    When you’re first starting out it’s hard to get noticed by established bloggers because if you’re leaving comments on blogs which receive 20, 30, 100 comments per post your comment is going to get lost. Finding other bloggers who are at your level and getting involved with them is a good long term strategy because you can grow with each other and they can introduce you to their friends…

    If you can find a few bloggers you can have conversations with you can also use your blogroll as an important tool in growing your blog. Keep it updated and clearly defined so people can find things…

    Then there are Meme’s… using these a lot (or, really, at all) is annoying, but as long as they’re interesting they can be a good way to introduce yourself to other bloggers…

    One thing to keep in mind, if you’re blogging about “The Truth” chances are someone with a different Truth is eventually going to find you… boisterous debate is good for stats, but don’t get hung up on the Trolls.



    here are some tips i used while blogging..

    1. make sure you use the right tags on each post
    2. topic you write on and the content you write also matters
    3. your writing style also determines the traffic on your blog
    4. post regularly
    5. don’t worry too much about traffic to begin with… simply concentrate on writing good stuff
    6. you could explore writing on different dimensions to the topic of your blog… for example, if it is human rights then whose human rights ? why human rights ? what is the issue ? what solutions do you propose ? what are existing laws ? what kind of change in law are you suggesting ?
    7. add visuals… pictures… videos… to make it interesting
    8. make it informative for the visitors

    my experience with wordpress and google says… it hardly takes an hour for the site to get listed on google if you do the post right.

    in addition search for info on blogging… go to technorati and see what the top 100 blogs are doing to drive traffic to their sites… you would get lots of tips.

    happy blogging !



    Hi Whatsurproblem!

    Maybe you can approach those human rights agencies online and they may even promote your link.

    Other than that, spend USD50/= and advertise your blog on the papers or school magazines.

    But honestly, be prepared for troublemakers if you want more traffic. While you can’t please everyone, many expect you to please them. :)




    Thank you ‘feartheseeds’. I wasn’t getting any traffic either and after reading your suggestion, I realized what I need to fix.

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