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    You could also link your website to your
    user name this will bring a small percentage
    of traffic to your blog through the forum
    here on

    here is a link that will explain how to link
    your website to your user name.



    Thank You feartheseeds, I lowered my posts to 12 on the front page,
    What are meme’s ?



    You’re welcome suziann and morris108… Wikipedia’s definition of Meme ( is overly complicated, but worth reading. A meme is a blog “chain letter”. Basically you write a post about a topic like “my three favourite movies with Clint Eastwood and why”, then you link to five (number is mostly arbitrary) blogs you think would enjoy answering the same question and after they’ve answered the question in their own post they each link to five more bloggers and ask the same question… the idea is to start a conversation.

    Here’s a great example of a meme on a great example of a successful blog:


    Truly guys your help has been immense, I appreciate it so much. Featherseeds will do as you suggested, and Katyayani also. Thanks heaps.

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