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No Blogstats widget in Hemingway template

  1. There is no Blogstats widget in the Hemingway template. Looks like the designer didnt provide for one. Can I "introduce" it somehow?

  2. As per the many threads on this topic, widgets are being rolled out on a widget by widget basis as well as a theme by theme basis. It will either take time for them to all show up and/ or specific themes might not get all of the widgets in the end.

  3. That's great news.

  4. Do you think that the hemingway theme will bet more widgets??

    I would like a flickr and blog stats.... Oh why not all of them :)

    I have sent feed back a few weeks back.



  5. I think the designer of Hemingway did his own widget support for his or her theme. Those aren't the normal widgets used for the other themes.

    It would probably be up to the designer in this case. You can see a list of his or her plans for the theme here.

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